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Microvascular Surgery

Microvascular Surgery for Breast Reconstruction 

Microvascular surgery at Northern Westchester Hospital is a specialized procedure using your body’s own tissue to reconstruct the most natural feeling breast.

Your highly trained New York plastic surgeon carefully removes a flap of fatty tissue from another part of your body.  Using microvascular surgery, the surgeon reconnects tiny blood vessels of the flap to blood vessels in your chest, restoring circulation and rebuilding your breast to make you whole.

Benefits of Microvascular Flap Procedures at NWH 


Since no muscle is used, most women recover more quickly and have a lower risk of losing abdominal muscle strength. By using your own body tissue, the reconstructed breast feels like your own body... warm and soft to the touch.                                                        

Our patients share their stories.  View videos of other women who have been cared for at The Breast Institute in Mt. Kisco, NY >

Meet the Microvascular Surgeon at NWH, Dr. Julie Vasile

  Julie Vasile, MD, has dedicated her reconstructive surgery practice to treating women with cancer or other diseases.


Types of Microvascular Surgery at NWH


A microvascular procedure known as DIEP Flap (deep inferior epigastric artery perforator) uses abdominal skin and fat without removing muscle. A flap is transferred from the abdomen to the chest to form a new, natural-looking and feeling breast mound. Microsurgical transfer of the DIEP flap establishes a new blood supply and survival of the flap. 

PAP Flap

A microvascular procedure known as PAP Flap (profunda artery perforator) uses a flap of the patient’s thigh tissue, again—without removing muscle.  A flap is transferred from the thigh to the chest to form a new, natural-looking and feeling breast mound.  Microsurgical transfer of the PAP flap results in an effective blood supply and survival of the flap. 


Aesthetic Oncology at Northern Westchester Hospital

The term Aesthetic Oncology reflects our approach to performing breast cancer surgery and reconstruction that makes a woman feel whole again.  Through sophisticated breast surgery techniques, such as microvascular surgery, our NWH patients undergoing breast reconstruction at Northern Westchester Hospital can have a more natural-feeling breast, and avoid many of the complications associated with a prosthetic implant.

Many women would like to have breast reconstruction at the same time as their mastectomy.  This advanced approach is common at NWH.  Your plastic surgeon and your oncology surgeon—a team of top New York surgeons—work closely to perform the safest, most advanced surgery with the best possible outcomes.

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