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Focused on Breast Health, without delay

A woman performs her monthly breast self-exam in the shower and discovers a lump. She immediately calls her gynecologist to schedule an appointment days away. The gynecologist examines her and sends her for a mammogram. The earliest she can get a mammogram, however, is in a month. Meanwhile, she surfs the Internet, reads all kinds of horror stories, and worries herself sick while waiting for her test.

Scenarios like this no longer occur because of Northern Westchester Hospital’s Breast Institute in Yorktown, New York. At The Breast Institute in Yorktown, if you suspect something is wrong, you will be seen promptly. You will have your mammogram, a radiology report, and if necessary, a biopsy all done that very same day. By the end of that week, you will have been examined by a specialist who will discuss any treatment or surgical options with you.

You can take advantage of a full-range of integrated breast care services and diagnostics in one location and not have to wait weeks or months for tests or results, allowing for quicker treatment if necessary.

The Breast Institute at Yorktown welcomes all women including those with known breast problems, abnormal imaging or exams, a family history of breast disease, as well as healthy women with no known medical connection with breast cancer.

Our Expertise

Karen Arthur, MD, FACS, a breast surgical specialist who is board-certified in surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, is the Medical Director of The Breast Institute in Yorktown. Dr. Arthur works in conjunction with Mary Greco, Nurse Practitioner, who has specialized in breast disease.

What Makes Us Different?

The Breast Institute at Yorktown should not be confused with “mammography centers” in the region. we offer a comprehensive, multi-specialty program.

You can arrange for an appointment in which, during a single visit, you will receive a clinical breast exam, be evaluated for your five-year and lifetime risk of developing breast cancer, have a genetic risk evaluation, discuss any perceived breast problems, and have an ultrasound or a diagnostic mammogram, if necessary.

No referral is necessary, and our nurse practitioner and breast specialist will evaluate you.

In addition to mammograms and breast exams, our specialists will inquire about your family history, lifestyle, and medical history in order to help to create a complete picture.

For adolescents and young women, appointments are available for clinical breast exams, instructions on self-breast exams and to review the current recommendations for baseline screening.

Routine Mammography

Despite recent news articles calling into question the necessity of baseline mammograms at certain ages, the Institute adheres to the recommendations of the breast cancer doctors at the American Cancer Society of Breast Surgeons, the American College of Surgeons, and the American College of Radiology, all of whom recommend yearly mammograms be done for women age 40 and older. A baseline mammogram should be done at age 35 unless there is a risk-based reason for an even earlier baseline.

Risk Analysis

If you are at a high risk for carrying the BRCA genetic mutation, a marker for breast cancer, we will refer you to a genetic counselor when appropriate, but you can also have your BRCA testing done at The Breast Institute.

Follow-up Treatment

If you are in need of an ultrasound-guided biopsy you will be offered the biopsy at The Breast Institute at Yorktown with as minimal delay possible. Most health insurance policies will cover all or part of these services including stereotactic biopsy, imaged by mammography, as well as breast MRIs and genetic testing.

Surgical procedures, including the entire range of Aesthetic Oncology  procedures and reconstructive surgeries, are also offered. Aesthetic Oncology combines the principles of cancer surgery and aesthetic surgery and is an integral component of breast cancer care at NWH. The Breast Institute is comprised of leading surgeons who received their training from institutions such as New York Hospital, Cornell, Mt. Sinai, Stanford University Hospital, and Columbia Presbyterian.

Your self-esteem is an integral part of treatment and healing, and The Breast Institute designed its treatment process with this in mind.




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