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The Breast Institute at NWH offers comprehensive Risk Analysis and Genetic Counseling to help you assess your risk for breast and ovarian cancer risk.

Armed with this knowledge and understanding of potential cancer risks, you and your doctors are in a better position to determine appropriate surveillance measures and possible risk reducing strategies to detect cancer early and/or decrease the chance to develop cancer.

While genetic testing is discussed, there is no requirement to have genetic testing when requesting a consultation with the Genetic Counselor.

The Genetic Counselor is available Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Please request an appointment one of those days. Your request will be answered on the next Monday, Wednesday or Thursday at the phone number you provide below.

If you require more immediate scheduling on a Tuesday or Friday please call 914.242.7640 for assistance.

Please do not submit personal medical information in an email. As with all email, we cannot guarantee receipt. Please call us at 914.242.7640 if you do not hear back from us within the time frame indicated above. Thank you.

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